Website Shame, It's Real!

We speak to a lot of B2B product/service companies who have a great product or service and are growing as a company, but are embarrassed by or ashamed of their website. We know this feeling as we've been there ourselves. In a way, this is a good sign - if your company is growing, your product, customer service and sales must be performing well, even if the website isn't.

What Would Your Ideal Customer Think? 

We like to think of it like this… If you were speaking to your ideal, top-tier customer at a conference and they opened up your website on their laptop or phone, how would you feel? Nervous or embarrassed, or confident?

As well as giving you confidence, your website could be doing so much more for you. It can be a powerful tool for your marketing team. For instance, if they can easily reconfigure page structure and copywriting on your site, and track changes in site performance against these changes, they would have a powerful tool for testing marketing messages, to not just increase the effectiveness of the website, but of companywide marketing messages.  

Authenticity Matters

On top of this, bearing in mind that people buy from people (yes, even B2B), your website could be supporting your business development if it did a good job of showing an authentic representation of who you are. Modern web users have an innate ability to spot and avoid salesy and non-authentic brands. We've reached a point online where authenticity wins. You're doing your sales team a huge favour if your site shows a genuine and authentic image of who you are.