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What don't we do?

We think what we don't do is just as important as what we do do. So what don't we do?

We’re not a full-service agency

If you're looking for a one-stop-shop to get your web design, digital marketing, SEO, social media management etc. then we're probably not the agency for you. Being a small team, we can't be experts in all of the above. And we're not interested in selling services that we're less than brilliant at… that would go against everything we believe in. We prefer to partner with people who are as good at those things as we are at web design, and we’re happy to recommend suppliers where necessary.

We don’t churn out quick work

We're in the habit of doing good work. If you’re looking for someone to throw you a quick website together for a few quid we’re probably not the right people for you. We totally understand that that’s what businesses need sometimes, but that’s just not what we’re about. We take pride in the work we do, and go to great lengths to plan websites that are tailored to the specific challenges of each individual client.

We’re not template merchants

It would be great if one-size-fits-all, templated solutions worked brilliantly, but unfortunately they rarely do. That's why we don't use 3rd party templates. We have tried these things in the past but we find that they're either poorly made, and end up being more troublesome than building from scratch, or they fall short of a meaningful solution because they're not built with you, the client, in mind. They're built for people like us, so we can save time and increase profits.

We’re not the cheapest (or the most expensive)

We're not the cheapest out there but we're far from the most expensive. We can work to most budgets and will help you figure out where to spend what to maximise value. If you want to build the next Facebook but only have £500 to spend we probably can't help you.

Castus projects

Whether an ecommerce site or simple brochure, these are central features that we bring to every project.

Content Management

All Castus websites are built on an easy to use content management system that allows administrators to edit their site. We work with a range of CMSs and will make a specific recommendation to you during a project consultation, and we are always happy to provide a demonstration. We can also fully customise any CMS we use, to accommodate bespoke site or admin functionality, or to integrate your website with your internal or third party systems.

Quality Design

We know the value of good design and the design process. You'll have direct access to our Creative Director, who oversees all artwork and ensures everything that we produce is signed off internally against our own quality standards, before it's shared with anyone external. We welcome regular client feedback, we want to hear client ideas and opinions, and we never limit the number of design revisions allowed at any stage of a design process.

Web Development

Everything we output is built by our in-house team of experienced developers, who are always up to date on the latest technologies and best practices. We aim for everything we work on to be fast loading, using clean, lightweight code, and everything goes through multiple rounds of testing before being put live. And we build sites so that they can be taken on by a third party if you ever move to a different supplier or internal team.

CMS Training

For every project we take on, we want you, the client, to feel confident and capable of maintaining and updating your website without the need to come back to us. That's why we always provide comprehensive CMS training. We will do this either in person one-to-one, via video call, or via a video that we'll record specifically for your website and it's functionality.