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Castus Ltd
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Arundel Street
S1 2NS

What makes us, us?


We Believe in Collaboration

We like collaboration. Who wouldn't? It's fun, it beats working alone (for the most part), it's efficient, and highly effective when used correctly. 

The most productive collaborations include people from a mix of disciplines, and bring together people who understand design (like us) and people who understand a market (like you). This is how we like to work. 

What makes us, us?


We're Enthusiastic

We love this industry, especially the challenges and more importantly, the opportunities it presents. 

We love that it forces us to think creatively every day. We love getting our heads around the technical challenges that are baked right into the fabric of the web, and we love the satisfaction of knitting those things together with the commercial challenges that are unique to each client we work with.

What makes us, us?


We Care

We get very attached to all the projects we take on.

When we make a new site live, we want to see it fly the nest and thrive. Because we care, we go the extra mile.

But on top of this

We're Friendly, Strategic Thinkers & Doers.
And we have a secret weapon; Our Process

We know from experience that people looking for a new website generally want a combination of the following…

More sales or enquiries

Better representation of their brand online

Custom functionality to improve business performance

Unique design that wows

This is exactly what we do day in, day out. We spend our time designing solutions to these problems.

Sounds easy? It's anything but!

We do this by pooling the experience of designers, developers, and project managers. We put these people together in a room with tea, biscuits, and hopefully the client, and we get to work, looking for those meaningful insights that a website can be planned around.

We'd love to put this to work for you.

What about our team?

Who are we and what do we look like?

Matt Harpin
Creative Director

Gary Hides
Technical Director

Senior Developer

Project Manager


Office Administrator

Commercial Manager

Senior Developer

Project Manager




Want to join our team?

We want to attract nice, conscientious, smart people.

If you think that might be you then send us your CV or portfolio today.

Well done for making it this far!

We've told you who we are and how we work. You've seen what we look like. But what about who we're not?

We won't put you in a box

We won't try to encourage you towards a solution because it's better or more convenient for us.

Some web design companies have a CMS or framework that they work with, and they'll try to convince you that it's right for you, when it's in-fact just better for them. We don't have any special loyalty to a specific system that we force upon our clients. We'll listen to what you need from your website, then make a recommendation based on your needs, not ours. The same goes for the client/supplier relationship. We won't force you to pay a regular fee if you want ongoing support. We're flexible and will find a way to provide our services that works for you.

We’ll never sell you something you don’t need, even if you think you need it

We're not just looking to make sales and churn out quick projects. If we think your idea stinks or won't work, or there's a better or cheaper way to get the same result, we'll tell you so, and we won't charge you to hear it. If that means we have to say to you, "Have you considered doing *this* instead", then we'll do that.

It's part of who we are, we're nice. What we will do though, is help you figure out what you actually DO need, where the opportunities are, what's possible, and what's feasible.

We’re not “that’ll do” merchants

We hold ourselves to very high standards when it comes to the work that we output. We're our biggest critic (original we know). So phrases like 'that'll do' and 'close enough' are not things you hear in our office often. That being said, we know there's a business need for a done-is-better-than-perfect approach at times, and are fully capable of working in that way when it's a strategic choice.

We’re not salespeople

We're not salesy. We don't like being sold to, manipulated, or pushed into things, we know it's not nice and we don't think that's the way to build meaningful relationships, so we'll never do those things to you.

We’re not “yes-people”

We're not "yes-people". We will challenge you, and tell you if we think you're making a mistake. That being said, we listen, and we're not in the habit of being difficult. If you feel strongly about something we won't push you, but we'll try hard to understand your reasons.

We're not suits

We're not 'suits' working for a faceless corporation. We're a small, friendly team, who are a little uncomfortable selling themselves.